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We Raise Healthy Capuchins

Our children teach monkeys social, interactive and basic obedience skills and they also start the potty training journey. This makes for a smooth transition for the new owners. Our kids are always a little sad to see a monkey they took care of go to their forever homes, but they are also very well aware of the joy and happiness their little furry friends will bring other families, and knowing they played a part in it makes it all worth it for them.

We value friendliness, respect, and timely response to every inquiry. we take pride in the service we provide. Because of this, our monkeys will join your family with current and age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming and a full health veterinary check before coming to their forever home. Our monkeys have been requested all over North America and Canada due to their quality. Feel free to contact us!

Well Trained Monkeys

Every interaction with a new monkey is a training opportunity. We begin raising your monkeys during their imprinting phase. During this phase your monkeys brain is still developing, making them more impressionable and easily influenced. We train your monkey with a combination of new skills including obedience, manners, setting boundaries and fostering healthy relationships.