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Good afternoon, I wanted to let you know that Moose is settling in nicely. Specifically, I thought you’d want to know that at the vet this morning, she said that he is one of the chunkiest, healthiest monkey she has ever seen! She (and multiple others) asked where we got him and I gave her the name of Gallant Baby Capuchin. She said she will refer you to some clients who are looking for a monkey! He is just beautiful and we already adore him. 

Claire H.

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing our monkey has been to us! Jack is now Snuffy. (My son renamed him) He is happy and is one of our family members. He is so adorable! Everyone that sees him, wants him. I’ve had someone even offer to buy him from me. I can tell you that will not happen! My son that is autistic had never been around Monkey’s very much and was a little frightened. But he is starting to play with him a little more. I look forward to watching their relationship blossom. Snuffy is such a delight! Thank you again for working with me so that he could join our family.

Deborah G

Good evening , I wanted to send a quick note about “Annie” aka Wynnie.

She is a wonderful capuchin… Your family has done a great job with her. She is smart, sweet and people love her. She is well behaved and doing very well with house training.

Thank you again for a great monkey. We are really enjoying her!!!

Dr. Chuck G

 Good afternoon. I thought you might be interested in seeing how our Capuchin Brody (formerly Diesel) has adapted to his new home. He is doing extremely well in our home. Very bright, good monkey. Brody had his first vet visit and all went well. He has a follow up for shots in 2 weeks. Your guardian home in Columbia (Anna) was so pleasant and helpful. Thanks again and I’ll send you some pictures as he gets older.

Anthony F.

Hi! our Capuchin Tucker is now known as Scout. And he is the most wonderful monkey ever!!!! We are all totally and completely in love with him! He is super smart. And so loving! He is growing so fast! ❤️ We are so thankful to have him in our family. We will continue to send you updates and pictures for future families to see what your monkey look like!

Michelle J.

 I know how many emails you get but I wanted to take a second to thank ya’ll for our sweet monkey. We have absolutely adored having him in our family. He has so much personality and is absolutely adorable!! Training has been a learning curve for us but he is so smart and definitely made things easier than we expected. I wanted to send ya’ll a picture. He just turned 5 months and is getting so big!

Hope ya’ll are well! Have a blessed week.

Alex and Cole M.